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When you are sitting in the comfort of your home using your computer, it is hard to believe that someone on the other side of the world could be about to compromise your security.

This is a fact of life however if you have a computer – and particularly if you go online on a regular basis.  But amazingly enough, even though these threats are always there, some people still don’t take them seriously.  They should though, because even one security breach could have major consequences for anyone.


Protect your data


Take a look around at your home and garden for a moment.  Presumably you have locks on the doors and the windows, and a fence of some kind surrounding your garden as well.

Now just imagine taking down that fence and getting rid of all the locks on your doors and windows.  And while you are at it, leave the doors open as well – even when you go out.


This is the equivalent of not having the right security on your computer.  You need a firewall and anti-virus and malware software on hand to protect your computer from access by other people.  This will also help to prevent viruses and other undesirable problems from being able to get their claws in and cause damage to your computer.


Be security conscious whenever you go online


This is the other part of the equation you have to be aware of.  You can have all the protection you want, but if you aren’t sensible when you go online to ensure you and your information are safe, you can still land in some trouble.

One of the biggest problems people have is not checking they are using a secure connection when shopping online.  You wouldn’t give your credit card details to just anyone would you?  So why put yourself in a dicey position online?

When you shop for anything online you should check to make sure the connection starts with https://.  If that ‘s’ is not in place, you will not have a secure connection and your information could be seen by someone else who does not have the right to see it.


Look for the padlock as well.  This offers you another sign that the connection you are about to give away your payment details over is secure.


To a certain degree, keeping yourself safe online and on your computer is all about common sense.  But it does start with being sensible about PC security.  If you don’t keep up with the latest software and update it whenever necessary, you will be more likely to run into problems.

As you can see, PC security is not an optional thing to have.  It is not advisable to have it either – it is absolutely essential.  Make sure you find out all you can about how to protect yourself online, so you can stay safe at all times.


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